Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Install Apache, Mysql, PHP, and PHPMyAdmin Tutorial

I found a good article to install apache, mysql, PHP, and PHPMyAdmin in this Install Apache PHP MySQL and phpMyAdmin on Windows article

You can follow the instructions there. And don't forget to copy all of your PHP extensions DLL in C:\php\ext directory (if you follow the tutorial completely, the directory may be different if you customize it)

If you want to customize the settings, such as listening in another port (default is 80) or placing the *.php files in C:\PHP, you can check this Install Apache PHP MySQL article


AlexW said...

Consider to install and configure Apache, PHP, MySQL on Windows. It is simple and efficient (installation demo: If you prefer to install packages manually, you can use the instruction at

agoesz said...

Thank you for your info alex:)

Anonymous said...

Use this,

It's free !